Anti Squat Performance

Comparison to Other High Performance Systems

As illustrated in the adjacent Figure, the VAST suspension system provides:

  • Reduced anti squat outcomes when the suspension is extended above the sag point.
  • A tuned higher anti squat outcome when the suspension is around and compressed past the sag point for efficient pedaling and a firm feel under hard pedaling.
  • Low anti squat towards full travel to minimize pedal kick back.

VAST is not about completely re-defining what a suspension system should do.  Other systems provide excellent anti squat for most of the system's travel.  As you can see, the outcome for the systems travel after the sag point is very similar.  VAST provides an improvement on the anti squat performance up to the sag point.

The reduction in anti-squat before the sag point provides a number of key advantages:

  1. Removing unwanted suspension extension when pedaling
  2. Improved navigation over larger roots and ledges when climbing
  3. More stable dynamics

Go here for move explanation of these benefits.

The VAST system can be tuned, and can be configured to provide different performance outcomes as may be desired by the designer.


Shock Leverage Ratio Options

VAST Provides Tuning Options - Including a Sag Centred Option

The VAST system provides all options for shock leverage ratio.  These include rising, constant and falling rate options.

Contact Bhaack for more information about other leverage ratios.


Anti Rise Performance

Brake Jacking Control

As shown, the VAST system provides good anti-rise performance where it is needed.