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Why Invest in VAST

The VAST Suspension System can help advance your business and increase sales.

VAST provides the Next Generation Approach to Mountain Bicycle Suspension:

  • Competitive advantage of new approach.
  • Distinguish your brand by having a unique system.
  • Retain and grow market share through demonstrable innovation.
  • Capture early adopter market share.
  • Well suited to Electric Bicycles - the current growth sector

VAST provides a high performance system offering as good as current, plus improvements: 

  • Target the portion of the market seeking high performance systems.
  • Genuine, easily explained and proven improvements.  Refer to the test results for hard data proving the improvements.
  • Reasonable progression of current technology – not heavily constrained in form or design.
  • Easily tuned by the designer to achieve  their own performance goals.
  • Improved rider experience.  Go here for information relating to the benefits.