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In the last few months some new developments have occurred with Bhaack identifying two new systems that can provide Sag Centered Anti-squat Dynamics.  

UPDATE - 10 May 2020

Concept development has been now been completed with one of the systems.  The design work to implement the system into a prototype is underway.  Check back regularly for further updates.


What does SCAD offer - improved pedaling efficiency by reducing pedal bob - not just downwards pedal bob, but upwards pedal bob too!  

Never heard of it?  Many bikes provide higher than required anti-squat outcomes above the sag point resulting in upwards pedal bob.

Typically a rider cannot sense the shock movement that occurs, or may some riders even perceive that when the bike stands up under hard pedaling it's providing good pedaling support and efficiency.  But if close attention is paid, the rider might just be able to observe  upwards shock movement which saps energy just like downwards movement does.  Another indicator, again if a rider pays close attention, is the increase in pedal force needed when pedaling over bumps and clearing obstacles.

A flatter or non-linear anti squat outcome like that delivered by some systems can reduce or eliminate some of these problems without causing any negative affects.



In 2010 Bhaack invented a new suspension system which promised significant performance benefits.  This system was initially labelled Z-Link as it's linkages formed a "Z" in their nominal positions.  It was later re-labelled VAST for Variable Anti Squat Technology due to the underlying performance benefit to better connect its function and its name.  

During 2019 significant development and testing was performed which validated the outcomes hoped for in this system - and especially the benefits of tailored anti-squat curve.

However, also in 2019 it was identified that another party had separately identified the same system and taken IP protection actions before Bhaack.  Therefore Bhaack cannot claim IP ownership to this system in the global context.  It is yet to be seen within which jurisdictions the other party takes ownership of this IP.



Through the journey with the Z-Link system, it has become apparent that systems with tailored anti-squat curves around the sag point provide improved pedaling outcomes.  In addition to this, the Z-Link system is not the only one that achieves this outcome.  There are others on the market already (though they are limited), but often their  performance advantages are not generally understood by the industry.  

So rather, there is a family of systems that provide Sag Centered Anti-Squat Dyanmics (SCAD).

Further to this, Bhaack is currently identified two new unique systems which can provide very similar outcomes to the original system.

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Bhaack Z-Link Prototype 4.7B - Riding Danimal Whistler

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